15: 1The Story of the Kidnapping & Criminal Behavior of American Heiress, Patty Hearst.

The Kidnapping & Criminal Behavior Of American Heiress, Patty Hearst


What would it take to get you to do something totally radical? To change your beliefs fundamentally? Could someone get you to change your name? Commit a crime? Commit a murder?

In this shocking episode of Unpopular Culture, Michael dives deep into a disturbing case of Stockholm Syndrome (or so it seems).


Patricia Hearst, daughter of Randolf Hearst and granddaughter of the legendary William Randolf Hearst, was an American heiress born in the 1950’s, whose actions following her own kidnapping left most of America confused and horrified.

It’s time to see that you are the heiress to a corporate, fascist, oppressive system. You are the bad guy. And you are not coming out of this closet until you believe that.
— Stella Morabito

Many did not believe her eventual claims of being brainwashed and tortured for almost 60 days by the SLA, because of the videos released of her spewing her captor’s propaganda messages like “Death to America” and even ROBBING A BANK with her captors in 1974 in the Sunset District of San Francisco. I won’t spoil the story for you

Michael discusses how to fight against being brainwashed. This is no easy feat — think Daryl Dixon, any Walking Dead fans out there? LOL What kind of question is that.


The psychological barriers we create to save ourselves are what these nameless villains are trying to breakdown through degradation and social isolation.

Michael explains in Patty, Get Your Gun, that the effect that this kind of conditioning could have on a person is drastic and horrifying, and sometimes unbeatable. BUT it is important to point out that different people handle different situations differently — more introverted people will be able to withstand the social isolation better than others, and many, I’m sure, would argue that Daryl IS in fact the most stubborn and introverted character. So, maybe he’ll survive!

Hold on to hope. More and more, the only way out might seem to be to abandon this hope. Social conformity is powerful, and this will be something you will want to give in to. Hold on to your identity. Play games in your mind, clean your hypothetical cell every day. Sing songs in your head. Give yourself mantras, word of affirmation:

“I AM getting out of here.”

“My loved ones ARE looking for me.”

Discounting food and safety and happiness, the fastest way to beat depression (that will undoubtedly come from extreme conditioning and social isolation) is to stay busy. Count the tiles, remember all the things. STUDY, like they do in the Big Brother House when forced into 24 hours of solitary confinement. Be like Dan Gheesling, and exercise that brain muscle. Use your isolation to out-think your enemy.

God forbid, you are locked in a closet by radical terrorists. But just in case, these are surely the most effective ways to stay sane and alive, if ever you were to be brainwashed.

Just know, your sense of self is worth protecting!


— Corey Stewart, @corstew91 on twitter

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