10 Strong Pop-Culture Couples that represent the function of love

10 Strong Pop-Culture Couples That Represent The Function Of Love


The FUNCTION of Love is Part 1 of a 2 part Valentines Day Event explaining both sides of the coin when it comes to Relationships. In this first, Michael and Corey explain the Psychology behind a functioning, successful, relationship. And as they go through, they'll give ten shining examples of some modern couples that exemplify these 'functioning' qualities.

In 1981, just before he shot president Ronald Reagan, John Hinkley wrote this letter to Jodie Foster, the object of his obsession: "This letter is being written only an hour before I leave, Jodie, Im asking you to please look into your heart and at least give me the chance with this historical deed to gain your respect and love, I will love you forever."
— John Hinkley

As we compiled our list of ten pop-culture couples that exemplify FUNCTIONAL relationships, we used a few psychological relationship theories:

1. The 3 Pillars of a Relationship: TRUST, COMMUNICATION, RESPECT

If one goes down, so do they all. These three pillars represent a sort of hypothetical table for the relationship to ship on. They are Trust, Respect and Communication. And if one fails, you can no longer continue to have the others, as the relationship table  would collapse.



Better keep your withdrawals the same as your deposit. This is a metaphorical bank account for a relationship in which two people are both withdrawing and depositing. 


3. The 5 Love Languages

Gary Chapman, in 1995, wrote a book called The 5 Love Languages. This theory claims that these are exhaustive, there are no others. Each person has one primary and one secondary love languages. The best way to figure out what love language your partner needs the most is to watch what the exhibit to other people. People naturally tend to love in the way they prefer to receive love. 



1. Jane & John of "Mr. & Mrs. SMith" (2005)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, are two people that are trained in their day jobs as secret agents to be skeptical and untrusting. But their relationship works because they can eventually only trust each other. 

2. Joe & Kathleen of "You've Got Mail" (1998)

Communication is key...And in this typical rom-com, the two lovers are haters in RL. They have opposing businesses that keep them from being civil in reality, yet they are anonymously in an online romantic relationship. They discover that when they set everything aside, they actually really do care about each other, and in this way, it's like their unconventional method of communication is what saves their relationship in the end.

3. Brienne Of Tarth & Jaime Lannister of "Game of Thrones"

Through Brienne's Strength and loyalty, these two have formed an odd but powerful relationship over the Game of Thrones seasons. Though at first it seemed as though they were complete opposites, they molded their insane respect for the other into an undying bond between the two.

4. Frank & Claire Underwood of "House of Cards"

Its all about what they can do for each other, the strategic advantage of being together has always been at the top of their individual priority lists. Though traditional romantic love may seem be missing, it shown to be true through their chess moves in life together.

5. Barack & Michelle Obama

This famously regal and poised family and married couple, Michelle and Barack Obama have been on record countless time attributing their own personal success to that of their partner. It doesn't get any more balanced in a relationship bank account than these two driven love-birds.

6. Sean & Eve Archer of "Face/off (1997)"

As Corey calls John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in the podcast, Face Off Face Strokers, this family finds comfort from stroking each others faces, proving to be a very literal example of The Touch Love Language.

7. Noah & Allie of "The Notebook" (2004)

He sent her letters every day she was gone and then at the end she is only pulled out of her Alzheimer's by him reading their love story to her. These letters and their words are the only reason they have even been together and continue to fight to live in old age. *quiet sobbing* so beautiful. 

8. Henry & Lucy of "50 First Dates" (2004)

These two are adorable. Lucy, a victim of a car accident, now has short term memory loss and wakes up reset every day. Henry, her suitor, takes on the challenge of re-introducing himself to her every day and convincing her to love him. Which is an extreme amount of quality time.

9. Du Yuanfa & Zhou Yu'ai - RL couple

Acts of Service - The Fourth Love Language
For the last 57 years, Du Zuanfa has been a shining example of the "Acts of Service" love language for his paralyzed wife, Zhou Yu'Ai. In 2015, an article surfaced, revealing the beautiful relationship of these two, stating: "A devoted husband has spent the last 56 years caring for his bed-ridden wife, who lost all sensation in her body when she was 20."


10. Gift of the Magi

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