1Brainwashing Loopholes & Election PTSD1


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Listener Questions:

1. Wouldn't the move be - in the case of both Daryl Dixon on TWD and Patty Hearst - to have played along with the captors? Say your name is Neegan?
2. Could Patty Hearst's conditioning from when she was brainwashed resurface later in her life?
3. Why did you do a political show when none of UPC's other content is political?
Because we put so much into our main show that releases on Tuesday morning, we decided to contrast that by pulling back the curtain for this round-table, informal, unedited forum where we answer your questions! UPC UNPLUGGED is live on Fridays to answer the questions YOU send in to hello@upcpodcast.com ! We're excited to hear what you have to say and read your questions on this unedited Friday show!


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