1Ranking the Top Ten Most Toxic Cults (Preview)

Serial Killer, Herb Baumeister, AKA The "I-70 Strangler" and responsible for "The Gay Murders" in Indiana in the late 1980's and early 1990's was an odd man that rode around in a hearse and urinating on a lot of different things... In this episode, Michael Drane, UPC's resident psychotherapist dives into the Psychology of Erotophonophilia & Auto-Erotic Asphixiation.

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"Ranking the Top Ten Most Toxic Cults" episode is almost 2 and a half hours long and covers cult-logic, and the specific stories and qualifying factors of ten unique cults. Some known, some lesser-known, Justin Krause (@brobrainscience), Michael Drane (@upcmd) and Corey Stewart (@corstew91) rank these cults on a scale of 1-10, from most to least __________. For each person, the criteria is different,making this event  turbulent and interesting AF. Michael's criteria is highest body count and most bizarre ideology. Justin's criteria is damage to internal members and damage to outside public. Corey's criteria is how charismatic the cult leader is (shocker). So looking at these cults from every angle! 

PLEASE POST YOUR OWN RANKING of these cults, or maybe even cults that you would love to have seen on the list in the comments below (or in the FB group!) Hope you enjoy this Stalker-ONLY Episode—thank you for your support! Thank you for supporting us! It truly means everything to us!
—Michael, Corey & Justin