1Shared Psychotic Disorder in Black Mirror's "Men Against Fire"

Shared Psychotic Disorder In Black Mirror's "Men Against Fire"


***Stay 'til the end of this episode for a badass special announcement***

In this episode, psychotherapists, Michael and Justin talk about SPD (Shared Psychotic Disorder), what it means to share a delusion with someone else and even some real life examples of people who have gone to extremes to defend their family or friend's delusions. Most of all, the two psychotherapists dive into the psychology behind the Season 3 episode of Black Mirror, "Men Against Fire" and the weaponized, shared 'delusion' in this dystopian future episode (Spoilers!!! They go into detail about the episode, so prepare to be spoiled).

—Corey Stewart   @corstew91

—Corey Stewart, @corstew91 on twitter