YOU have been HACKED (How to Save Yourself)

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Last month- 1/3 of the U.S. population had their data stolen and this means YOU or someone you care about has more than likely been affected! In this episode of the podcast, psychotherapist, Michael Drane (@upcmd) is joined by Cyber-Security Engineer Ryan to breakdown the recent Equifax Data Breach that has already affected 143 million people. In this exclusive episode, Ryan is here, as a uniquely qualified cyber-security specialist and helps us all understand what we can do to protect ourselves. 

Ryan has been on the podcast a few times before and talked with us about this very issue! In the "How Companies Lose Your Data" Podcast, we learned (back in 2016) how easy it is for "Big Data" to gain access to your information and identity. LOL, it's like we predicted Equifax would happened or something ;) 

In the "What Hackers DO with YOUR Stolen Identity" Podcast, we learn the true motivations behind these criminals. Last year, Ryan and Michael were just giving their predictions. Now, it's 2017 and it's happening.

The time to act is NOW Stalkers! There are a few very simple things you can do to protect yourselves, so please take a few minutes now to do the things we outline in this podcast! Protect yourselves, my friends. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one!
—Michael, Corey and Ryan