Psychologists Debate Racism at Charlottesville & Evergreen State

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I was over at Kirk's studio a while ago and we spontaneously recorded this... a nearly 2 hour discussion about race and other forms of discrimination. 

Centered around themes like Charlottesville & Evergreen State College, yhis discussion is a little intense..Kirk and I both have strong views about this issue. 

What's important is not so much what we disagree on, as it is that we have the discussion in the first place..that we can disagree about important issues, find common ground, and STILL be friends at the end of it!

 This episode is my attempt at an open-minded conversation about discrimination in our society. I hope this sparks conversation and inspires us all to have more of these difficult and necessary conversations. 

As always, let us know how your feel. 

-Michael Drane