1TRUMPLAND— AnAlternate-Ending Podcast

TRUMPLAND— AnAlternate-Ending Podcast (that turned out to be Not-so funny)


In their final Unpopular Culture Episode ever, Michael and Corey talk about our fearless and wonderful dictator, Donald Trump— Honoring his righteous name and contributions to our country over the last decade as ruler of our once free nation. Though the looming threat of a nearby nook stands to shake them, the UPC team rallies together to celebrate the life of this wonderful podcast, and see it through to the end. After what UPC is calling the "Censorship Crusade of 2023" they've unfortunately had to shut the show down as they earned too many demerits, and are unfortunately in life-long personal debt to the Trump Empire. These are the reasons things are coming to a close, but not before one last hoorah!

In the midst of it all, Michael and Corey look back at an episode they did in November of 2016 right before Donald Trump was elected into office, to see the difference in the the politics of the United States and the UPC moderators themselves. Thanks for tuning in- from all of us here at UPC, we hope you've enjoyed the show. 


—Corey Stewart, @corstew91 on twitter

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