1Unpopular Protest: Sitting for the National Anthem & other Peaceful Protests

A Breakdown of Modern Protesting


Michael is joined by Andrew Powers to discuss the recent Colin Kaepernick protest controversy and other meaningful protests of the last century that have shaped our culture and society.

The recent Colin Keepernick saga has fueled an already swelling divide in the United States, what is currently being coined as the “Black Lives Matter” vs. “All Lives Matter” movements.

In retrospect I think I played it too “nice” in this episode. If I had it to do over again, I might have expressed more strongly my stance on the position, because, truthfully, I feel strongly that Kaepernick made the right move. Any protest could be seen as ‘disrespectful’ in some way, and what makes our country so great, is our ability to stand up and make a change. People try to argue that it just isn’t the time or place in the Olympics! The Olympics are meant to be fun, and inspiring. Do that somewhere else! Or people that argue that Kaepernick could have done it in a more respectful way, not a football game where we’re all supposed to be honoring our country and having fun.

This all sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. People making those statements have obviously never had to feel the undoubted racism that someone like Kaepernick feels every day of his life. How could his protest have been more peaceful? Why is the respect he should or shouldn’t be giving to his country something he should care about more than the way he is treated in his daily reality? Who are you to say that he is not

By referencing Ghandi’s peaceful protest for taxless salt, as well as the obvious Boston Tea Party protest, we make clear that peaceful protests are the way to reveal discord. We have the ability to stand up and start real conversation in America today. There is not reason to disqualify the thoughts and harrrowing oppression of those who have enough guts to stand up and say something about what should be changed. Props, Colin!

— Michael Drane, LAC, MD

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