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Scale of Evil 6: Psychopathic "In The Way" Killers

In this Episode: We review the case of Ismael Juarez Cisneros

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Scale of Evil 5: "In The Way" Killers

Continuation of the series on Scale of Evil

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Murder for Hire - The Psychology of Contract Killing
The Werewolf of Wysteria - Forensic Analysis of Serial Killer Albert Fish
I'm in Love With a Serial Killer
Reviewing The Bundy Tapes

Michael Drane and Dr. Pat Owen discuss the Ted Bundy Tapes

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(Stalker Preview Episode) Serial Killer Analysis: The Skin My Mother Wears

Serial Killer Ed Gein is infamous for using human body parts to make a skin suit that he could wear to be closer to his dead mother.

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The Psychology of Sex: Lust Murder

This type of serial killer seeks sexual gratification from the murders they commit. We dive into the mind of 2 types of Lust-Murder Style Serial Killers

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"I-70 Strangler" Herb Baumeister & the House on Fox Hollow Farm

n this episode, Michael Drane, UPC's resident psychotherapist dives into the Psychology of Erotophonophilia & Auto-Erotic Asphixiation. You'll also hear a psychological profile of Herb Baumeister, prolific serial killer and murderer who turned his massive estate, "Fox Hollow Farm" into a burial ground. 

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