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Scale of Evil 5: "In The Way" Killers

Continuation of the series on Scale of Evil

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Cult Vibrations

Teal Swan stands in the center of controversy.

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Analyzing The Death of Elisa Lam

In 2013, Canadian college student Elisa Lam….

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My Anxiety

Welcome to the land of excessive worry!

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The FLDS Cult vs The Handmaid's Tale

How is it that Warren Jeffs still hold so much power over his followers, even from behind prison bars?

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(Stalker Preview Episode) Psychology of the Simpsons
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The Many Flavors of Depression

 In this Episode- Michael, Corey, and Justin answer Patron a.k.a. Stalkers questions about the nature of depression and it's current social stigma in society. 

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(Stalker Only Episode) Psychology of Criminal Justice Black Mirror's "White Bear"

In this episode, Michael and Corey sit down to discuss "White Bear"—the episode of Black Mirror that focuses on the Bystander Effect, and also has themes of Criminal Justice and Revenge going to far. We break down and recap the episode itself, as well as dive into the psychology behind this torture-porn and even talk about the implications it has for our own real life society.

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Fatal Insomnia & The Psychology of Sleep

In this episode about a rare disease that plagues a single family line for centuries

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(Stalker Only Episode) Psychology of "S-Town" & John B. McLemore

 Newly released to the general public, Unpopular Culture & Psychology in Seattle Podcasts team up to tackle the life and times of John B. Mclemore in the new Series "S-Town".

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(Stalker Only Episode) Psychology of Black Mirror 😱📺 "The Entire History of You" on Cheating & Memory

In this episode, Michael and Corey break down the third episode of Black Mirror

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(Stalker Only Episode) Driverless Cars