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(Stalker Preview Episode) Case Profile: Gypsy Rose & Munchausen By Proxy

In this episode Professor Michael Drane and Dr. Pat Owen discuss the Gyspy Rose case and Munchausens by Proxy

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Scale of Evil 6: Psychopathic "In The Way" Killers

In this Episode: We review the case of Ismael Juarez Cisneros

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Scale of Evil 5: "In The Way" Killers

Continuation of the series on Scale of Evil

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Scale of Evil- Part 4: Semi-Psychopathic Jealous Lovers

a semi-psychopathic killer who murdered Dorothy Stratten

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(Stalker Preview Episode) The Psychology of Gullibility: Reloaded

To continue UPC's Year 3 celebration, here is a follow up conversation about the psychology of gullibility .

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Archetypes of The Avengers - The Psychology of The Avengers
(Stalker Preview Episode) Killer Attraction - The Psychology of Human Attraction
The Werewolf of Wysteria - Forensic Analysis of Serial Killer Albert Fish
Speaking of Gaslighting & Why You Feel Crazy
(Stalker Preview Episode) The Trauma Finds Us All
Reviewing The Bundy Tapes

Michael Drane and Dr. Pat Owen discuss the Ted Bundy Tapes

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Stalker Analysis: Joe Goldberg from Netflix's "YOU

Professor Michael Drane brings Psych Analysis & Stalker Psychology to the hit Netflix show "YOU"

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Black Mirror's: Hated in the Nation
Cult Vibrations

Teal Swan stands in the center of controversy.

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(Stalker Preview Episode) Serial Killer Analysis: The Skin My Mother Wears

Serial Killer Ed Gein is infamous for using human body parts to make a skin suit that he could wear to be closer to his dead mother.

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Analyzing The Death of Elisa Lam

In 2013, Canadian college student Elisa Lam….

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Analyzing Black Mirror's "Bandersnatch"

Are the decisions you make really your choice? We explore themes in this interactive show. Our questions for your are thus..

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The Psychology of Toys

What was your favorite toy as a kid and how did it impact you growing up?

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My Trauma

What is trauma? How do we recover from it?

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(Stalker Only Episode) "Men Against Fire" & Propaganda Psychology

Professor/Psychotherapist Michael Drane is joined by Dr. Pat Owen for critical analysis

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