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Archetypes of The Avengers - The Psychology of The Avengers
I'm in Love With a Serial Killer
Speaking of Gaslighting & Why You Feel Crazy
Stalker Analysis: Joe Goldberg from Netflix's "YOU

Professor Michael Drane brings Psych Analysis & Stalker Psychology to the hit Netflix show "YOU"

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Analyzing Black Mirror's "Bandersnatch"

Are the decisions you make really your choice? We explore themes in this interactive show. Our questions for your are thus..

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The Psychology of Kink

"What is the psychology of kink and why are some people attracted to it?"

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The Psychology of Toys

What was your favorite toy as a kid and how did it impact you growing up?

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(Stalker Only Episode) "Men Against Fire" & Propaganda Psychology

Professor/Psychotherapist Michael Drane is joined by Dr. Pat Owen for critical analysis

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Psychology of Technology & "iMinds" Analysis

 It seduces us with its ease, its video games, and social media.

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The Many Flavors of Depression

 In this Episode- Michael, Corey, and Justin answer Patron a.k.a. Stalkers questions about the nature of depression and it's current social stigma in society. 

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Fatal Insomnia & The Psychology of Sleep

In this episode about a rare disease that plagues a single family line for centuries

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Psychology of Bystander Effect & Netflix's "The Witness"
The 5 kinds of Stalkers & Psychology of Stalking-

Michael breaks down the psychology behind the five known 'types' of stalkers, analyzing their motives and psychological state.

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(Stalker Only Episode) The Dark Web

Ryan and Michael discuss the Darkweb.

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Comfy Compliance
The Story of David Reimer

Michael honors the tragic life of David Reimer, the victim of a botched surgery at the age of 8 months, forced to live out his life as a woman. This terrible headlining story of the 1970's gave way to some of the most haunting and unethical decisions of our time, effectively starting the revolution for social change in the way of gender identity.

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